April Fool’s Day!

Boy, I am really going to have to get more on the ball with this blogging thing!  Luckily I have been really busy with client’s websites, so not a lot of time to work on my own.

Things are going really well with working on logos, websites, etc.  I want to welcome some of my new clients: Charleston Shucker Company, Runmigo.com (coming soon), AskHeatherAshley.com, and a few others that I know I’m forgetting!

Have you checked out Google today?  It’s no longer Google, it’s Topeka!  I love their sense of humor; they even wrote up an entire “analysis” of why it was a good idea to change their name to Topeka.  Too bad they didn’t change it to Monck’s Corner for us South Carolinians!

My stationery line is still in development and I recently added this new mini thank you card which is kind of fun and bright for spring.  I think my next muse is going to be a line of cards for the “men in your life” — something less girly to keep around for the guys’ birthdays, graduations, etc.

And I need to up my game on this blog — it’s pretty bland for now, but I’ll focus on getting my clients’ sites looking amazing for the moment!


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