I’m starting up this blog to keep you posted on what’s going on with dodeline design.  Hopefully I’ll also find the time to post any of the other cool websites, products, etc. that I come across!

To start the week, I did a little updating on the dodeline design website, but I’ve got to switch gears to client sites now!  I’m still hard at work on the Shop N Swap Sales website & print graphics.  This week I’ll be starting work on Atlanta Event Guide Online, Homespun Hoops — thankfully, I’ve got lots of projects!

I was so excited this past week to receive a few great gifts from clients….Growing Up Green sent over one of the t-shirts with the logo I did for them, and Serena at Rare Sophistication sent me a beautiful bracelet as a thank you gift.  Thanks so much guys!

Last week I finished up the World Warrior Training basic website setup & logo for Aimee & Than….they were wonderful to work with and I wish you the best of luck!

My passion project — www.itskizmit.com — is being pushed back at least a week unfortunately.  That’s the life of the freelancer I suppose!

More coming soon!


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